• Fuller-looking, more defined eyebrows

    with brow embroidery at Beauty Secrets Perth by Jen

    Brow Embroidery - by Jen , Beauty Secrets Perth
  • Bringing you the safest and the latest technology in Perth.

    A cartridge system used, to prevent back flow and cross contamination

Brow Embroidery

Our second specialty is Brow Embroidery is performed using the latest Tech Touch digital device together with a ‘one use only’ manual pen creating the most defined natural hair stroke 3D brow. Our latest 2017 soft brow touch and tech touch digital devices will give you the most natural look without the need to use any brow pencilling. The colour and shade will be adjusted to your preference. Our Tech Touch digital device has a patented safety shell system. A cartridge system used, to prevent backflow and cross contamination, bringing you the safest and the latest technology in Perth.

We start with cleaning the brow, and then apply our selected numbing cream to the brow area for half an hour. Next the brow area will be wiped and drawn with our ‘special’ brow pencil to perfection. Lastly the manual pen and Tech Touch digital device will be used with our premixed pigments. The latest numbing cream is the best to date delivery a more comfortable treatment.

Have glamorous eyes every day with eyelash extensions or achieve fuller-looking, more defined eyebrows with brow embroidery.

Whatever you require Beauty Secrets Perth by Jen can help you to achieve your desired look.

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Brow Embroidery

3D cosmetic eyebrow embroidery is an application of semi-permanent pigments to the brow creating a fuller, most natural looking brow. This technique uses a combination of a manual pen and/or a very light pen machine. It creates natural feathering of hair like strokes to enhance your brow. It can last 1-3 years, depending on individual, you can never really tell.

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